Class Actions

When a plaintiff brings a case against a business on behalf of a larger group, the resulting class action can become complicated.

At Wall Templeton, we work to simplify the process and ensure the class action vehicle is not abused in a way that deviates from its original purpose – to improve judicial economy and allocation of the public’s resources.

Our attorneys tackle statewide and national class action defense and will manage all aspects of discovery and trial.  We have handled class action defense of products liability, insurance coverage, and toxic tort claims, as well as cases involving asbestos, toxic mold, property loss, and other complex matters.  We frequently defend attempts to certify lawsuits as class actions where the proper facts and legal basis do not exist.

Because of the potential for class action suits to become vastly complicated, our clients often look to us for effective representation and defense in these cases because we have the proper resources and understanding to see the case through to the end.

Class Actions Team