Products Liability

When a company’s products are wrongfully attacked in a court of law, Wall Templeton’s attorneys offer a comprehensive defensive strategy to counteract damaging suits.

In products liability cases, we consider your business implications to properly defend wrongful claims that can damage your reputation.

Wall Templeton can provide services and resources to protect our clients’ interests, including pre-litigation investigations, expert consultation and retention, and e-discovery. In both state and federal courts, our attorneys routinely defend contractors, suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers across several industries against an array of products liability claims, including personal injury, property damage, and economic damage matters. We have successfully defended against several products liability claims involving products ranging from metal building systems and agricultural products to fire suppression equipment and personal health care devices causing personal injury or property damage.

While a significant amount of our experience in this area involves claims for catastrophic injury and death, we also defend against cases involving minor injuries and work with our clients to employ sensible and cost-effective approaches to defending such claims.  We have considerable experience in cases involving strict tort liability, negligent design and manufacturing, consumer protection and product safety issues, contributory and comparative negligence, unanticipated/unintended uses, express and implied warranties, and market share liability.

Whether the cases involve large numbers of claimants or isolated instances with potentially high exposure, we understand what it takes to defend a product’s reputation.