Trucking & Transportation

Wall Templeton’s seasoned trial attorneys represent insured and self-insured trucking, transportation and logistics companies in personal injury, property damage, and cargo claims, as well as regulatory matters.

Additionally, we represent trucking and commercial transportation insurance companies.

Our attorneys are keenly aware of the sophisticated issues that arise when interstate transportation is involved.  These cases often involve multiple defendants, varying employment relations, service and cargo contracts, and state and federal regulations.  From simple claims to complex, multi-party catastrophic loss and wrongful death claims, our attorneys have the experience and resources to efficiently handle transportation related matters.  Due to the potential complexity of trucking and transportation cases, it is critical that an experienced, dedicated law firm be immediately engaged after a loss, while evidence is still fresh.  In the event of a catastrophic accident or cargo spill, we are prepared to immediately respond to the scene to preserve vital evidence and protect against spoliation claims, arrange for engineers to inspect the scene and vehicle, meet with drivers, and manage interaction with law enforcement.

Using their wealth of knowledge of the federal and state regulations unique to the transportation industry, our attorneys focused on transportation litigation provide a range of services to their clients, including accident scene investigation, pre-litigation investigation and claims analysis, coordination and hiring of expert witnesses, alternative dispute resolution, aggressive trial defense, and protection of subrogation and lien interests for property damage claims.  We work with our clients to ensure a swift and effective resolution to these claims whether through pre-suit settlement, alternative dispute resolution, or litigation.

As a multi-disciplinary law firm, Wall Templeton supports our transportation clients in areas other than accident claims by providing assistance with contract disputes, employment issues and general business matters.  Our attorneys provide counseling on preventative safety measures available to mitigate risk and exposure.  Additionally, we assist transportation companies in navigating the complicated federal and state regulatory environment by determining their compliance with applicable statutes and regulations.

Trucking & Transportation Team