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Shareholder Keith E. Coltrain spoke before the North Carolina General Assembly’s LRC Committee

March 30, 2012

RALEIGH, SC – February 23, 2012 – Keith E. Coltrain, shareholder of Wall Templeton & Haldrup, P.A., spoke before the North Carolina General Assembly’s Legislative Research Commission Mechanics Lien on Real Property Committee (“LRC Committee”).  Keith is the chair of the Lien and Bond Law Revision Committee for the Construction Law Review Section of the North Carolina Bar Association.

After more than two years of study, the Construction Law Section’s Counsel initiated legislation through the North Carolina Bar Association in March 2011.  The introduced bill, commonly known as the H489, sought to address several major problems with North Carolina’s lien and bond laws that came to light in the recent economic downturn.

The core issues addressed included hidden liens, the inequitable treatment of subcontractor lien claims by the bankruptcy courts, and the double payment liability of contractors on public projects.  House Bill 489 was converted to a study bill and sent to the LRC Committe for detail consideration in September 2011. 

At the LRC Committee’s invitation, the Construction Law Section has been assisting and advising the LRC Committee on how the various proposed changes would operate.  The LRC Committee held its first public hearing on February 23rd, and Mr. Coltrain was one of the main presenters for the hearing.

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